Lesson Two

Horizons Bible Study Guide: Lession 1 - Who is the God of Joshua?

       Some additional information regarding the modern state of Israel
       Some Definitions: Palestianians, Palestine, Jews, Israel, Israeli

Discussion Points

Discuss: Attributes of God
      Read Joshua 1:1-9
           Promise to Joshua to“be with you”, God encourages (be strong and courageous)
           Expects obedience
      Read Joshua 23:3   God fights for Israel
      Read Joshua 23:16 Holy God requires obedience

Discuss: God chooses - establishes his chosen people in Canaan
      Read Romans 9:1-29   God chooses certain people at various times

Why did God direct the Israelites to destroy the inhabitants? 
1. The Canaanites lived in a highly developed and advanced culture in the land of Canaan for thousands of years prior to the entrance of the Israelites. The Canaanites were ejected because of their disregard for God.  (Mikhael, Joshua Study, p 12, 57 and 58)
2. Canaanites were pagans and God wanted to keep “His people” separate ..not influenced by pagan ways…ie  worship many gods, sacrifice their children, temple prostitution, etc.
    (Deuteronomy 7:6,  9:4 to 5, 12:31, 18:9 to 13, 20:16 - 18)
3. _______________________

Any difference between the Israelites and the Caanaites? 
1. Mikhael (Joshua Bible Study) seems to say that the Israelites and the Caanaites were both deserving punishment,  ...in 538 BCE the Persians conquered the Babylonians, and the exiles were allowed to return to their homeland, by then called the province of Judea. (p13)
2. We are all sinners, yet God chooses to use certain people at various times for God’s purpose.
    (Romans Chapter 9)
3. ______________________________

Discuss: Creation of modern state of Israel/”refugees”    Isreal Flag

Point of View:  Fairness
there are consequences for our actions
(what are all the factors creating the refugee situation?)
Point of View: Win/Lose vs Win/Win
(p22) for someone to “be delivered”, someone else is “put in a difficult position”  
Compassion - what is helpful?

Discuss: God’s plans  ??   Lots of speculation...only God knows

Is the modern state of Israel the same as ancient Israel? 

1. No (Mikhael, Joshua Study, p 21)
2. No, but... __________________