Lesson One

Horizons Bible Study Guide: Use PREFACE and INTRODUCTION

Handout: Timeline - some Dates, People and Places
Handout: What is a Worldview?

Discussion Points

Discuss: Overview of the Book of Joshua

The book of Joshua picks up the story of Israel's history after the death of Moses (after 40 years of wandering in the wilderness). The book tells of the entry of the Israelites into the land of Caanan, the many battles to take possession of the land and the division of the land among the tribes of Israel.  The events begin around 1400 BC (some believe as late as 1200 BC) during the Middle (Late) Bronze Age. The book ends with Joshua's farewell address and his death at age 110.

Discuss: Timeline, what else happening in to middle east
            see Chart and p12-14 in Study Guide
        Key People (Canaanites, Hittites, Israelites, Philistines)
        Key Places (Egypt, Canaan, Israel/Judah, Babylonia, Phoenicia)

Discuss: Our understanding of Scripture as inspired by God.The Torah, Shofar, Candles

                 Evidence of written records
                 Who wrote the book and when and why?


Discussion question - Source Written Records or Oral Tradition?

1. The Bible Study does not describe when written sources might have been available.
      (Joshua Study, In Context, page 39)

2. At the time the Hebrews entered Canaan they would have been familiar with at least five different forms of writing systems. (Archaeology and the Bible by Donald Wiseman and Edwin Yamauchi)

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Discussion question - Who wrote the Book of Joshua, when and why?

1. Joshua is part of the Deuteronomistic History which was written during exile in Babylon, written to create a history and identity for the people of ancient Israel while they were in exile, to explain the disaster of the exile. (Mikhael, Joshua Study, p7 to 9)

2. "the editor did not invent his material, but merely worked over material of great antiquity and value.", "written..to illustrate the dealing of God with his people", "in history is God revealed, in history are his gracious acts and judgments made manifest." (John Bright, Intro to Joshua, Interpreter’s Bible)

3. Written by Joshua, some sections added later.

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Discuss: Worldviews

Influenced by perspective, beliefs, etc
How we "frame" a question
Our Worldview vs our children .. our grandchildren